The New Official Evergreen Line Booking Solution – GreenX – allows for secure and fast bookings.

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Instant Quotes

Find and compare quotes across schedules with Evergreen Line’s digital freight booking platform, GreenX. With connections to over 240+ ports across 80+ countries, get started on your next booking.

Fast Bookings

Make faster bookings on our one-stop digital platform. Get confirmed bookings in minutes, not days, and keep all your information online.

Secured Space

Afraid of having your shipment rolled over? GreenX offers 100% secured space for your cargo. By booking directly with Evergreen Line through GreenX, your space is guaranteed.

No Contract Needed

Save time negotiating contracts and making large commitments. GreenX gives you the freedom to make bookings without the need to commit to shipping a fixed amount of cargo each week, month, or year.

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